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So that good feeling I was having about events was quickly shattered, and I was so stressed out we decided to take a very last minute trip the Grand Canyon. We left Friday, came back last night - in a record time of 4 hours! I suggested to Nin we take a below the rim hike, as opposed to our usual meandering along the paved rim paths; after tackling Balcony House at Mesa Verde, I've been feeling quite adventurous. So we did 3 miles round trip -- 1.5 straight down, then back up again. We took our time, stopped at the first rest house for lunch, then started back. Took us three hours, not counting the lunch break. Did I mention I fell at the first tunnel, 1/2 hour in? You should see the bruise on my hip and my right arm. I think I twisted something in my arm. Fortunately, it was my right arm, and you don't need your arm to walk. Nin and I have a goal to make it as far as Indian Garden in the next two years, which is 4.8 miles below the rim, and who knows? Maybe we'll get to Phantom Ranch before my bones are too old to move!

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