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So the main reason for our trip was to see T Hiddy, errr.. Tom Hiddleston, in Coriolanus. Which did happen, between all the eating and stuff :D

Friday night, we went to the Utah Symphony to see Natalie MacMaster perform. She was wonderful! And seven months pregnant, but she still danced around with her fiddle! It was a terrific performance. Saturday, the screening for Coriolanus started at 12:15, and Nin had out the walking direction via Google into her phone, and we couldn't find the theater!! I knew it was sold out, and really didn't want to be stuck in the front row because we were late. I brought up my ticket confirmation on my phone, and read the address, and turned out she'd entered 11 Broadway, not 111 [whew] So we arrive with plenty of time, get seats, and of course, tweeted. I'm pretty sure the majority of the audience were there to see Tom. The play started, and you could tell from the quiet that the audience was drawn in. The interval interview with the director had some amusing moments, where she admitted that Tom 'was passing sexy' Our audience busted up laughing at that. We really enjoyed the play. Great cast all around, and I loved the staging, and how they used lighting. It's amazing that we're able to see live theatre all the way from London in our own backyard. So glad we decided to make the trip! And thanks to the University of Utah, Tanner Humanities Centre, for making it possible.

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It's amazing that we're able to see live theatre all the way from London in our own backyard.

I'm STILL lamenting the fact that I work literally 5mins walk away from Donmar and haven't managed to get tickets (though I really haven't tried that hard to be fair) or bump into T Hiddy in my various wandering around the area.

Did spot Gatiss, but he got away from me. *sigh*

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