Amy R.
25 July 2017 @ 10:01 pm
I caught my first legendary! Articuno!  
I was at my desk at work at 7:30 PM when the Discord app chat pinged. There was a legendary raid across the street from my home. Was I coming? You bet! How fast did I turn off my work computer and dash to my car? How far did I push up against the speed limit?

I'd been on 4 previous legendary raids: 1 Articuno (flying/ice), 3 Lugia (flying/psychic). The first was on Saturday night (as previously related), and the others on Sunday (one in the park across the street from my church after mass, one near my home in the afternoon, and one not far from my work in the evening). Each time, those gathered had beaten the raid boss together! Each time, my individual post-raid legendary had fled.

This time, I was down to 3 premier balls when a fellow trainer started helpfully offering advice. I was a little grumpy with him, I'm afraid. (That is not the moment a trainer wants to reconsider her ball-throwing style.)

With my second-to-last premier ball, the Articuno stayed in! 96% IVs. Front breath & Blizzard. I am very lucky!

I understand that Niantic announced this afternoon that Articuno will be around for only a week, at which time Moltres will get a week, and then Zapdos. Lugia will apparently stick around permanently, but get less common...? We shall see. One of each would be perfect! :-D

(Oh, and the bonuses are extended until 5 PM Pacific on Thursday!)

Lynn (and/or Settiai)
25 July 2017 @ 06:38 pm
FedEx: A Dramatic Tale  
As I've mentioned in the past, I tend to have trouble whenever I pay FedEx extra for an evening delivery (between 5-8pm). Unfortunately, if I order anything that needs a signature, that's my only option as I'm not home to sign for packages earlier than 5pm. So requesting evening delivery is the only way for me to actually get what I order, since they won't deliver after 5pm unless you pay extra.

Cut to the last week of June. I ordered two packages that were scheduled to be delivered on Thursday, and I paid for evening delivery. As has happened several times in the past, the packages never showed up as being on the truck to be delivered. So around 7pm or so I called customer service and started a paper trail, as well as started livetweeting the whole story on Twitter.

FedEx managed to get in touch with the local facility, who told them the package was out for delivery. The driver just hadn't scanned it when he left. ("Uh-huh," I told the poor customer service rep with more than a little skepticism.) This gets a bit long, but it's honestly a rather amusing story. In retrospect, at least. It wasn't so amusing at the time. )

... and that's why I will never again order from any company that only offers FedEx as a shipping option.
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25 July 2017 @ 03:39 pm
You can take my body positivity and CHOKE ON IT, because you're not getting my money.  
Sometimes you look at a belly dance clothing vendor, admiring the beautiful clothing and considering a purchase because you need a new pair of pants (well, "need" is such a strong word, but "budgeting for a vanity purchase" is longer), but you notice some things:

You say to yourself, "Huh. All those models are really, really, REALLY thin."

REALLY thin.

You notice there are a couple of pictures of slender non-model dancers, and that's pretty cool, and a troupe of slender-to-average non-model dancers, and that's also cool.

Then you keep scrolling down and see that picture of the one non-model dancer wearing their clothes who might be considered larger-than-average has been cut off at the chest. You pause. You click. You see she's got a belly.

She's not fat. She's not plus-sized. Just larger-than-average. With a beautiful stomach, but one that's a little bit bigger than any of the other pictures that are actually visible on the site.

There aren't any plus-sized belly dancers on this site either. AT ALL. Which is weird. Because there are plenty of plus-sized belly dancers who are happy to buy dance wear. Especially custom-made dance wear.

That's when you realize that this clothing vendor doesn't want lardasses like you sullying their goods with your impure body.

So you close the tab and remember the name of the vendor, because you won't sully their bank account with your fat-stained money either.

(Edit: I don't have to add an "ALL body types are beautiful" disclaimer, do I? Or mention that the issue isn't that there are thin models, but that the one person on the largest size of the bell curve was CUT OFF below her chest in the picture. Let's face it, belly dance is a hobby where most of your customers aren't going to be model-thin.)
25 July 2017 @ 10:28 am
Seriously, if you like healthcare or hate Trump  
Now is the time to call your Senators. Yes, certain GOP senators are particularly critical, but honestly, call yours no matter who you are or where you live. This is about protecting Medicaid, the general healthcare infrastructure in this country, and also denying Trump a win so that GOP feels more compelled to boot him out. On every level, GOP attempts to repeal ACA must be fought.

And yes, even if you called before - call again.
24 July 2017 @ 08:53 pm
I am Grateful: 7/24/2017  
I am grateful for and love myself.

I am grateful for and love my affirmations.  I am already starting to see a difference in how I am interacting with people, and how they are interacting with me.

I am grateful for and love my days off.  I get so much done on days off, or I can just blah.  It's all good.

I am grateful for and love being in the "tuned in, tapped on" zone.  I had a project that needed doing, and I changed gears a little bit, but once I sat down, and started working it came together quite beautifully.

I am grateful for and love my cat.  I get to play with her with my shadows.  She tries to catch my shadows kinda like the red laser dot.

I am grateful for and love the metro transit.  When I want to take things slow, read a chapter, and take things easy going some where, I take the bus.  Because you not going really fast when taking the bus.  Well most of the buses I've been do speed, but we have to stop.

I am grateful for and love McDonald's.  I really wanted some comfort food, and I went and got comfort food, and it was SOOOOO good.

I am grateful for and love my home.  I love the fact that I have hardwood floors, lots of natural light, and odd dreams of my landlord in the nude (that happened last night. weird).

I am grateful for for and love my location.  Seriously, there's a whole foods in bike riding distance and 3 co-ops, work is 4 blocks away.  I can get to several shopping areas by one or two buses, and wow, it's nice.

I am grateful for and love my bed.  It's soft and comfortable, and sighs.

I am grateful for and love the fact I currently don't get internet again in my room.  I get more things done, when I don't have access.

I am grateful for and love Fan Fiction.  There's a Rough Challenge going on right now.   I am enjoying the NCIS, SG1 stories being written, though I'm waiting for the NCIS Harry Potter to be updated.

As you can see, awesome day, and I got to bed before 12 midnight. AWESOME!  It smells like Earth and Rain this morning.
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Lynn (and/or Settiai)
24 July 2017 @ 08:15 pm
A fannish update...  
Now that I've talked about real life a bit, I guess it's time for a bit of a fandom-related update. I'm not watching a lot of television lately, and the handful of shows that I am watching tend to be webseries rather than more traditional series. We'll see if that changes in the coming months?

I finally was able to start playing Mass Effect: Andromeda and have fallen back in love with the whole ME universe. I know a lot of people didn't like ME:A, but I really loved it. It's not my favorite game (that's still ME2), but I do think it might have moved to the #2 spot on my list. Could it have been better? Sure. But that doesn't mean I don't love it (and the characters) any less.

On a somewhat related note, I still love Dragon Age. I haven't been playing it as much lately, since ME has been taking up so much of my time, but I've gone back to working on fic. Which is a good thing, because DA is one of those rare fandoms that makes me want to write longfic. Even though I kind of suck at writing longfic and take forever to finish stories that are more than 5000 words.

I've also continued with my Critical Role obsession, to the surprise of nobody. The current storyline is slowly drawing to a close, and I'm expecting Vox Machina's tale to come to a close by the end of the year. Which makes me sad, since I love the characters. But on the other hand, a new story! With new characters! My chances of convincing people to start watching will greatly increase when they don't have 400+ hours to watch in order to get caught up.

Speaking of which, Dungeons & Dragons continues to eat a lot of my free time. I have two weekly games that I play in online via Roll20, one on Friday nights and one on Sunday nights. Then I have another Roll20 game on Saturday nights where I'm the DM. And then, because I have no sense of self-preservation, every other Sunday afternoon I walk over to the gaming store near my apartment to play in another campaign.

So, basically, every other week? I play four D&D games in a little over 48 hours. And even when I'm not cramming four games in, I'm still playing three. Which isn't much better.


Um, let's see. What other fannish things should I talk about?

Geek and Sundry and Alpha are behind most of the webseries that I'm watching nowadays. There's Critical Role, of course, which I've already mentioned. Then there's Eric's TBD RPG, an awesome Doctor Who RPG that just recently came to an end and was replaced with Shield of Tomorrow, a Star Trek RPG. Oh, and Sagas of Sundry which is just... gods, it's hard to describe. It's creepy and amazing and I highly recommend it.

I'm not watching Vast yet (another one of their RPGs), but I've heard good things about it. It's definitely on my list, whenever I have free time again. (I also watch The Wednesday Club, but it's a bunch of geeks sitting around and talking about comics for two hours each week rather someone I'm particularly fannish about. It's a lot of fun if you like comics, though.)

Based on the recent Doctor Who casting news, I'm cautiously optimistic that I might be able to start watching regularly again. I managed to watch some of the episodes from this most recent series but not all of them. Still, the ones that I was able to watch reminded me just how much I miss this show. I really hope that, once Moffat is gone, it will feel more like Doctor Who to me again.

The upcoming fourth and final season of Star Wars: Rebels has me both excited and terrified. I want to see what happens, but at the same time... well, it's Star Wars. I know going in that there was a good chance a lot of the characters wouldn't actually live through the show. The question is this: who and how?

I really need to start thinking about Yuletide and what fandoms I want to nominate this year, since it's coming up fast. This might be the first time in years that I haven't even started thinking about it yet, though. That will deserve its own post in a few weeks, when I try to start brainstorming.
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Lynn (and/or Settiai)
24 July 2017 @ 07:42 pm
A long overdue RL update...  
So, yes, I'm still alive. Life in general has been busy lately, and the little bit of spare time I've had has been taken up by D&D and Mass Effect: Andromeda. Oops?

Work has been ridiculous lately. It's not really something that I can talk about in detail, but there's definitely quite a bit of tension between the higher ups and, well, a large percentage of the employees who aren't being paid six figures annually. Let's just say that the amount of work expected of most employees has gone up while salaries haven't (except for the higher ups, who magically were able to get raises when people making significantly less than them weren't), and I'm very worried the directors are going to find out first-hand just how screwed they are if a large number of people all turn in their notice and walk.

Mainly because I'm not in a position where I can afford to do that, no matter how much I might want to sometimes. Which means I'll also be somewhat screwed if anyone turns in their notice.

Add in the aforementioned extra work and the fact that several people have been out for health-related reasons, meaning our workload is even heavier, and... well, needless to say, it's not been fun.

Let's see... I should probably talk about the cats, huh?

Garrus and Percy are getting along surprisingly well. The first few weeks were a bit rocky, but once they got used to each other (and realized just how similar they are), things became a lot smoother. They're at the point where they're regularly grooming each other and sleeping just a few inches apart, which is a lot better than I was hoping for after less than two months.

I still miss Tali a lot, obviously, but the fact that Garrus and Percy are getting along so well is definitely helping. Percy is a doll, and I'm already at the point where I can't imagine him not being here. I just, you know, sometimes wish that I could have had all three of them, even though the realistic side of my brain knows that I never would have met him if I hadn't lost her.

VividCon is next week, which... I have complicated feelings about. Brain weasels! Aren't they fun? )

Anyway, I'm hoping that my brain weasels will go away once I'm actually in Chicago. At the moment, though, I'm not nearly as excited about the con being next week as I usually am by this point. Which makes me sad. Hopefully that will change somewhat over the next week-and-a-half?

... oh, I just realized that I never posted about my week of hell with FedEx here on Dreamwidth. I should rectify that. I want to make a separate fandom-related post first, and then I'll post the whole terrifying tale.
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24 July 2017 @ 02:58 pm
underheard: a rec comm for underappreciated fanfiction  
( You're about to view content that a community administrator has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
24 July 2017 @ 12:55 am
Late Start...7/24/2017  
I had a late start this morning, but it was totally awesome, because it was comfortable, and nice, and soft, and ooo...I'm just going to hang out here in my nice soft bed.  I did get up, but later than I intended.  Maybe I should find a place that is like between 60-80 degrees as a high and 50-60 as a low on average kinda place to live.  I could have my windows open all the time, and I could have a nice comfortable bed, that would try and snuggle me all day.   Though it would nice to have another body to snuggle with too. 

Today is an unexpected day off, no class tonight, because my teacher and friend is currently off doing things really early today that she wasn't expecting, so she didn't want to shirk on the teaching and be tired, so we moved the day to tomorrow this week. 

Ritual yesterday was very beautiful, and I would love to continue it. 

It's kinda beautiful today. 

I really like playing shadow play with my cat, it's amusing to see her chase my shadow finger across the floor and try and gnaw on it.

I have a couple things i need to do today, and I'm waiting for some rough trade to get updated so I can read new chapters. 
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24 July 2017 @ 12:42 am
I am Grateful: 7/23/2017  
Yesterday was a very awesome day.  I experienced something that was awesome, beautiful and humbling.  I also did some cleaning and decluttering.

I am grateful for and love the farmer's market.  I love getting up early on Sundays to go to market.

I am grateful for and love my neighborhood.  Riding my bike through the streets is really beautiful.

I am grateful for and love myself.  I love the feeling of being comfortable in my own skin, and listening to my heart.

I am grateful for and love my cats.  I love playing with them in the shadows, or messing with them in the morning.

I am grateful for and love my home.  I love having the windows open, and experiencing the day's sounds and smells at different times.  It's really interesting out the scent of the day changes with the time.

I am grateful for and love my transportation.  It's really awesome that I live in area the provides different options of travel.  I can walk, ride my bike, drive my car, or ride the bus.  It's truly awesome to have those options.

I am grateful for and love the people in my my life.  It's really great to be able to depend on people, and not worry that they will let you down when you need them.

I am grateful for and love doing an Oracle reading in the morning. I love that it helps look at an aspect of what is going on, that I may not have considered.

I am grateful for and love home cooked food, especially when it's made for me.  I had duck last night, it was really good.  I had duck, potatoes, salad, goat cheese, and a cherry pistachio dessert, it was a special kind of awesome.

I am grateful for and love the opportunity to be alone.  I tend to clean better when I don't have to move around or worry about my roommate being home.

I am grateful for and love the presents waiting for me when I get home.  I ordered 2 more Oracle Decks, 3 coloring books, and a calendar, which were all delivered while I was out yesterday.  Coming home to presents was awesome.
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Kathryn A.
24 July 2017 @ 07:39 pm
Why YOU Should Buy My Work  

Yes, YOU. Not the invisible person over your left shoulder.

Do you like subtlety, secret messages, and geekiness?

Read more... )

Do you like unique works which are impossible to replicate?

Read more... )

Do you like being able to interact with the artisan?

Read more... )

So have I convinced you yet?

23 July 2017 @ 06:12 pm
Brainstorming For Yuletide  
I am compiling a list of things I would want to see nominated (or might nominate on my own) when Yuletide nominations do open in September. These are what I am currently taking into consideration:

-Makt Myrkranna | Powers of Darkness - Valdimar Ásmundsson
-The Haunting (1963)
-The Innocents (1961)
-The Uninvited (1944)
-Dark Shadows (1991)
-Dracula - Bram Stoker
-Dracula (TV 1968)
-Count Dracula (1977)
-Nosferatu (the 1979 remake) -Hammer Horror Films
-Universal Monster Movies
-Crimson Peak (2015)
-Fright Night (1985)
-Ghostbusters (Movies 1984-1989)
-The Last Unicorn (1982)

At the moment, I suspect that I’ll be nominating Makt Myrkranna (the Icelandic version of Stoker's Dracula that I discussed a while back) in that first slot. Either Dracula (TV 1968) or Dracula - Bram Stoker would go in the second slot unless someone else eventually nominated either one of those.

If it were going to be being released sooner than December, I would be able to add Guillermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water to my list of potential things to throw in there.

Oh, and on a note that doesn’t involve Yuletide: I finally watched Jack The Ripper (1988), and I loved it.
22 July 2017 @ 10:48 pm
Fear Questions: 7/23/2017  

When did we begin to fear those around us?  When did we begin to fear the government?  When did we begin to fear our Law Enforcement?  When did we begin to fear ourselves?  Where did it come from?  When did it begin to change our society?  When did the fear of what might happen, become a good enough reason to act on it?  When did fear become a way of life?  When did we let it start to control our actions?

Fear of offending someone.   Fear of being seen as a hateful person.  Fear of being seen as greedy.  Fear of being seen as different.  Fear of being seen as a threat.  Fear of being seen as ...  what?  When did we let fear control our actions, our words, our deeds?   When did we let our fear become a part of who we are?

When?  It's always been there in the back of our mind?  In the front of our mind? 

A couple weeks ago, I saw a story on the news in passing.  It was about law enforcement responding to a call of a crime being committed.  In the process they ran across a black man.  The first respondents recognized him as one of their own, and asked him to come slowly towards them.  In the meantime another officer arrives, and somehow ends up shooting this off duty officer in the arm, because he felt threatened.  What?

When did law enforcement start seeing us as a potential threat?  When did it happen?  Has it always been there hidden under the surface?  When did our society start seeing each other with such fear and aggression?

About a week ago we had a police shooting here in Minneapolis.  A young woman had called 911 to report a possible assault in her alley.  The respondent officers were in the process of patrolling the alley when she had approached the vehicle, and ended up some how shot through the abdomen, and died at the scene.  We don't know quite what happened.  The officer that shot her isn't talking, their body cams were not on, neither was the vehicle cam, the last we've heard they are looking for a bicyclist that had rode past.

We had another police shooting last year I believe a young man driving in a car, who was shot multiple times, and died of his wounds.   The officer was let go, and put on trial for murder, and the verdict was not guilty. 

How many police shootings are a result of an officers fear for their life and safety?  How many deaths at an officer of the law's hands can be attributed to their fear response?  When did it become acceptable in our society to kill as easily? 

We've had mass shootings, and we say that they are unacceptable, but we eat them up and show the News organization that this is news, and we want more. We've demanded that our law enforcement step up to the plate and protect us.  Is this a consequence of that decision? 

Sometimes I can't help but think that the news is part of the problem.  Everybody watches, reads, and listens to the news.  The news reports the bad, the ugly, the deadly, the horrible every day, multiple times, repeatedly, day in and out, all day and all night, and people watch it, listen to it, and read it all day, everyday, and all night long.  Is it a wonder we fear our neighbors?  Is it a wonder why we fear law enforcement, and they respond to that fear? 

How do you propose we change this?

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22 July 2017 @ 10:00 pm
I am Grateful: 7/22/2017  
So this is a mixture of this morning and yesterday's Gratefuls.   Mainly because I'm pretty sure I'm not going to remember this mornings grateful moments tomorrow morning. 

So this morning is Sunday, and here in Minneapolis the Farmer's Market Season is in full swing.  I spend good money on good food there. On the way back from the market I scented wood.  I'm not sure if it was cedar or pine, but it's that new wood kinda smell that fills the house when you get some thing that has the unfinished smell of it.  It was spectacular.  Then as I turned and went up another road, some was cooking bacon.  yum!

I am grateful for and love myself.

I am grateful for and love the opportunities that life presents.

I am grateful for and love the Nature around me.

I am grateful for and love my abundance and prosperity.

I am grateful for and love the cats.

I am grateful for and love the people in my life.

I am grateful for and love the scents of a new morning.

I am grateful for and love the new possibilities of a new day.

I am grateful for and love my bed.

I am grateful for and love my new charcoal burner.

Yesterday was a really warm day.  It was a wonderful day.  I was booked solid at work, and it was abundant and prosperous.  I  got to play with the cats.  I was able to do an evening meditation.  I was able to meet some random people.  It was a good day.

All is well in my world.
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Amy R.
22 July 2017 @ 08:22 pm
my Lugia raid adventure  
I'd walked down the block for a simple little Weezing raid (Level 2) before dinner, to wrap up my GoFest day. I'd done my bit to help during each global challenge window; I'd heard about the problems in Grant Park (poor connectivity, server overload, long lines, etc.); and I was wondering when the bonuses would turn on.

I bumped into a fellow trainer who lives across the street. We beat Weezing together, naturally, and discovered that we work for the same (very large) company. She started to add me to an internal company pokemon group that I hadn't known of... and we saw posts about a Lugia raid boss (Level 5) hatching within the past 15 minutes, 10 minutes drive away!

Read more... )

(BTW, the bonuses have gone live and will stay so until 5:00 PM Pacific on Monday. Double stardust, XP, candy, spawns.)

Now, wasn't I going to do something about dinner...?
22 July 2017 @ 08:29 am
Job Hunting....  
It's been a great deal of time since I have done job hunting as a primary means of job outside of my chosen field.  I find myself a little confused, but realizing that I may need to step out of the mold to find the ideal position or job that I am looking for.  I know what I want, which means I need to start looking at options.  But the options I've been seeing online are not really appealing to me.   Mainly because these are positions I've looked at as a part time position to work with Massage, and they were easy.   I don't know that I am looking for easy right now.  I am looking for something that will be engaging.  I am looking for something that I can enjoy and be happy doing.  Since I am stepping away from Massage as my primary bread maker, and changing course to work in field that I have little presence in it's a bit daunting.   But I know I can do it.  I know that I will know when I find it.  But do I still turn in applications or resumes at places I don't have a desire, or a desire because they are easy.  Because actual job hunting, putting resumes out there, and being active, shows the Universe that I am looking, and my energy is focusing on a new position. That is a question?

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22 July 2017 @ 12:14 pm
Rest In Peace, John Heard  
John Heard has passed away at the age of 72. May he rest in peace. He was found dead in his hotel room yesterday, two days after having minor back surgery. He might be most well known for the role of Peter McAllister (Kevin’s father) in the first two Home Alone films. I also vaguely remember him from Cat People (1982).
21 July 2017 @ 08:26 pm
I am Grateful: 7/21/2017  
I am grateful for and love myself.

I am grateful for and love my home.

I am grateful for and love my bed.

I am grateful for and love my days off.

I am grateful for and love retail therapy.

I am grateful for and love the people in my life.

I am grateful for and love the Nature around me.

I am grateful for and love my Calendar.

I am grateful for and love diva cups.

I am grateful for and love thermal curtains.

Yesterday was a pretty cool day.  I practiced some retail therapy and bought some oracle decks and adult coloring books from amazon, did some grocery shopping, and went to blick arts for some colored pencils.  It's was a really productive and fun day.
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Kathryn A.
22 July 2017 @ 09:18 pm
Drowning In Clutter  

I have STUFF. It accumulates. Being a frugal, responsible person, I kept a lot of it because "it might be useful" or "somebody else might find it useful" or "I could give it away on Freecycle" or "I could sell it on Ebay". And I did none of the above. None.

The effort and stress of listing something on Ebay has obviously been too great for me to summon up the energy to do. Likewise for Freecycle. This gives me much guilt, because putting things into landfill when they could be recycled is BAD. BAD KA! BAD BAD BAD! I have thus been caught between feeling guilty if I threw it away, and feeling stressed if I didn't. Because Stuff Taking Up Space is getting to really stressful levels for me. I have all these craft materials! I need to put them somewhere! I'm running out of space!

I have finally said "enough!" (or "too much", really). Forget Ebay. Forget Freecycle. Forget them all. One phone call, and I have booked a Hard Rubbish collection. My hope is that people round about will take at least some things off the pile before it gets collected by the Local Council. Shove my guilt, the stress has just gotten TOO MUCH. Stuff it!

So. Hard rubbish. Today I've been going around the house gathering stuff and clearing away stuff. Hopefully my nephew will help me tomorrow to put heavy things outside on the kerb.

Read more... )

It will be good to get rid of it all.

Amy R.
21 July 2017 @ 11:21 pm
participating in GoFest outside Grant Park  
Fellow pokémon trainers! As you know, Saturday is GoFest. And GoFest is not only for the lucky few in Grant Park in Chicago. We around the world will also play our parts in releasing the legendaries!

Per Niantic, those in Grant Park can unlock rewards (like double stardust) for everyone globally, while we outside can extend the length of these rewards (like for more days). If we all — inside and outside — win our challenges, then the mystery challenge will unlock. Everyone believes that the mystery challenge is legendary raid bosses! The only question is which.

(Golem with 2 rock moves is the go-to counter for all the legendary birds, as Tyranitar with 2 dark moves is for Mew and MewTwo. If you don't have those, try Omastar and Houndoom, or Sudowoodo and Gengar.)

During the worldwide challenge windows, if you can, go out and catch! Every capture counts. Check your time zone on GoHub. In Pacific Time, the windows are:
  • Challenge #1  9:00 AM to 9:30 AM
  • Challenge #2 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM
  • Challenge #3  1:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Have fun!

(Sources: TrainerTips, Mystic7, Reversal, ProdigiesNation, GoHub, The Silph Road, GamePress, PokéAssistant, Niantic, Forbes...)