ithildin: (My Fic Icons - Cecily)
ithildin ([personal profile] ithildin) wrote on June 9th, 2010 at 07:00 pm
If you didn't know, [ profile] strangevisitor7 won an 'Ezzie' for her story Hell Hath no Fury, which is utterly awesome! Her winning, and the story! And it makes me especially gleeful that Casey got to write a story with her SPN boys, albeit in an AU old west kinda way. Then some extra helpings of glee because she won an award for a story with an OFC as a main character (boo! hiss! icky girlz!), and one who was a love interest to boot! (more hisssssing) Way to go, girlfriend! It was a cracker jack of a story. And lastly, a little bit of glee personally because said OFC was one of my creations (I'm just a wee bit tickled at that). There will be no living with Cecily now!

[throws confetti] Drinks all 'round!
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