25 March 2016 @ 07:02 pm
Comes Back Around  
[waves] I don't know what's wrong with me. I seem to have lost the ability to do social media, other than Twitter, and I can't write anymore. Just wanted to let any who might still be around that I'm fine, just not good at communicating these days. Love to all!
20 December 2015 @ 02:07 pm
December Post :D  
My brother actually got mum to go see Star Wars with him, since I refuse to see it again. I don't think she's been in a movie theatre for quite a few years. She's partly deaf, and has mobility issues and finds the seats very uncomfortable. We'll usually do a Marvel movie or other blockbuster DVD catchup over Christmas. This year, it'll be Ant Man.

We're breaking away from having turkey for Xmas dinner for the very first time. I'm going to try my hand at a Beef Wellington, along with roast potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding. And since my brother doesn't eat beef, going to have crab and a lemon risotto as well. Then cranberry pecan pie with honey cranberry sauce for dessert. I think the urge to mix it up stems from this being the first Christmas since my father died. It's distracting to do different things.

I've been experimenting with sourdough, and made sourdough pizza dough last night. The sauce was crushed tomatoes with homemade meatballs and Parmesan and Asiago cheese. Turned out really nice, though I wasn't entirely happy with the crust. Must tinker a bit. Today, I have sourdough bread dough rising. Since it's yeast free, I've been told it can take many hours to rise. Hopefully before I go to bed though!

And I saw this on Facebook: How Ken Burns would tell the story of 'Star Wars'

Cracked me up.
11 January 2014 @ 03:18 pm
Unrelated Bits  
We finally saw the first Hunger Games movie, and liked it enough that I may have to check out the books at some point.

'Justified' is back! Wheee!

Watched the first ep of 'Killer Women' and really enjoyed it. Added bonus: The Mavericks opening and closing the episode with their music.

We're going to go see 'Saving Mr. Banks' tomorrow.

I feel like writing, but not sure what. There's always my Queen of Swords sequel that I've been working on intermittently. One day, I will finish it! Or the sequel to 'White As Snow, Red As Blood', which is set during 'The Avengers'. Or the Agents of SHIELD/Isla De Muerta/Prate Treasure one I've been pondering. Or going back to the Old West portion of my series and write the one with James Norrington. No idea.

Ladies Assemble this year is going to be at Disneyland instead of Vegas for the fifth annual. This all started accidentally with Captain America, so for the second one, we're mixing it up.

Watched 'Almost Human' finally. We had 5 eps on the DVR. We really like it, and will keep watching.

How fandom is changing. Who'd think you'd see a tweet from Orlando Jones about Yuletide and the number of Sleepy Hollow stories and that he's going to read them all!?!? Speaking of which, I've never participated in Yuletide, but I thought it was for small fandoms?
Wouldn't think Sleepy Hollow would be a small fandom.

Been recording Dracula, but have yet to watch. Not sure we ever will at this rate!
12 October 2013 @ 03:11 pm
But, but....  
Marion would have been killed by the Nazis in her bar if Indy hadn't shown up!

Random TV show comment is random.
11 October 2013 @ 06:22 pm
Uh oh  
Highlander fic exchange sign ups are only open till Sunday. I guess I'm going to have to make a decision real soon now. Though I'm leaning towards no and yes equally right about now. Argh!
29 August 2013 @ 06:42 pm
Places I've Lived

Alameda, California
Berkeley, California
Victoria, British Columbia
Port Angeles, Washington
Port Townsend, Washington
Yakima, Washington
Powell River, British Columbia
Vancouver, British Columbia
Seaside, California
Pacific Grove, California
Carmel, California
Monterey, California
La Verkin, Utah.
21 July 2013 @ 06:02 pm
Now I haven't posted in a while, I guess I'm going to spam you all. I need to post some updated kitten pics -- they're five weeks old right now, and so freakishly adorable! And they have names: Loki, Thora, Darcy, Heimdall, and Sif. Well, hey, their mom is Freya! We're in monsoon season, so the afternoon overcast has been so nice. Nin and I got stuck in WalMart when a cell passed over. OMG! It was so loud, between the rain and the thunder. And a few miles away, not a drop of rain. Oh, and I wrote a Hulk fic! Really. No, I don't believe it either. I'll post it here in a bit. The scene in my head made me laugh, and I had to write it. Especially as not a lot has made me laugh lately. I got a tablet for my birthday, and it's quite nifty! Especially as my netbook has been limping along, on its last legs. So that's the condensed recap!
31 March 2013 @ 01:52 pm
I think that's everything  
Realized I'd forgotten to put in chapter links at the end of part four of Equivocal Coalescence both on DW and LJ, so got that done. also replied to a bunch of old comments - so in case you're wondering :D

When did Sunday become such a busy TV day?

Once Upon a Time
Lost Girl
Army Wives
Amazing Race
Game of Thrones

Why can't they share with the other nights of the week?

HBO is free this week on DISH, so finally watched Snow White and the Huntsman. I thought the actress who played Snow White was a little lackluster, but it was an enjoyable movie, made better by it being free :D

I really hope I hear from the ACM this week about my tickets. I know I'm not their priority, but still, I won't believe we're going to the concert till I have the tickets confirmed.
31 March 2013 @ 01:11 pm
I'm been awful at responding to comments, and am going back trying to at least partially catch up. Going to try and do better in the future, promise!
16 March 2013 @ 05:53 pm
My New Chair  
Which Islay has taken over.

The chair is very 'me' and I love it!!
19 February 2013 @ 06:19 pm
I did not know you can only go back 80 posts on DW. I do now. Yes, I am behind.

What else? I keep thinking of things to post about, but don't get the chance, then it's gone. Things like Lost Girl, or other TV we've been watching. Or about what we did last weekend (Parade of Homes), or crap from work, or how most of the comments I get on my fic are spam (serious bummer). But the thinking is as far as it gets, it seems. How about the weather? It was nearly 70 this weekend! Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow. I could tell you about my plans for the garden this spring, but that's probably boring. Or how I keep writing a story in a fandom so dead, I think if 5 people read it, I'd be lucky. But, no, let's skip all that. Oh, hey, I bought a new pillow! Yes, exciting, I know.

Okay, here's something new, that's still fresh and postie :D

One of Nin's coworkers is a former member of the Jeff's cult (a little background, if you aren't familiar), who it seems was kicked out during the last round of 'excommunications'. She was a first wife, has 15 children of her own, and many grandkids, and she's now living in town, by herself, for the first time in her life. Well, she discovered 'Celtic Woman' recently and was telling Nin how much she loved the music. Since I may be something of a Celtic music-a-phile [cough], I immediately went through my prized collection, which spans some 20 years, some of which I bought in Scotland and in Nova Scotia, picking out artists she really must listen to. I think I loaned her about 20 odd CDs. Too bad she has no way to listen to the cassettes! :D Nin says she was pretty happy about the bag she was handed, and is really looking forward to listening to them. It was nice to share something totally new to a person who is dipping her toes into quite a different world than the one she's been living in.
27 December 2012 @ 05:55 pm
I always wish I could buy the little sad houses  
There's been a house for sale in Rockville (it's the population 300 town between here and Srpingdale.) on the main street, for quite a few months now. It looks so sad and lonely. It was built in 1928 and what you can't see behind the tree is the porch support is sagging.


It doesn't look nearly this cheery now - I don't think it's being lived in anymore. I'm sure when it's bought, it'll get torn down to build a big vacation home for someone from Vegas or L.A. :(, like the one under the cut, which is on the same street.

Photo )
24 December 2012 @ 01:37 pm
Xmas Eve Report  
The storm veered more towards the Grand Canyon, and all we're getting is a few showers, plus it warmed up. No snow for me. There is snow on the mesas and mountains around us, so that at least is pretty to see.

We decided to risk putting up a tree inside for the first time since we got the Bengal kitties, as they're teenagers now, and a little less wild, and they're being angels! Though I'm inclined to think they're lulling us into a false sense of security :D

Food for tonight is partway done. The mince pies I made yesterday were a huge hit, so am going to make some more since the dozen I made are nearly gone. Nin wants me to make pumpkin cinnamon rolls for tomorrow morning, so need to find the recipe. At least that'll get me up early enough to get the turkey in at a fairly early hour. I'm doing the one I did last year in BBQ, Michael Symon's Cider Lager turkey. It's the first time that a turkey that was not done in our usual received full approval for a redo.

Looking forward to the guessing post for [ profile] hlh_shortcuts - it's always amusing to see what story people think I wrote. But there still two days of posting to go, so I'll be patient!
23 December 2012 @ 04:07 pm
Pies and Snow  
I'm trying a new mince pies recipe. I'm not normally fond of mince in too concentrated a form, but the rest of my family love mince pie. The recipe had fresh tangerines and zest and apples in it, so I'm hoping the extra fruit will dilute the mince a wee bit. I'm also thinking of making a homemade Christmas pudding this year. I've never had a homemade one, only those little ones they import from the UK.

And snow! We may have a white Xmas, or at least Xmas Eve. There's a big Pacific storm heading towards us, and depending on timing and how far the temperature drops, we have a good chance for some more snow. It's been years and years since I've had snow at Christmas, so keeping my fingers crossed! For once, no one in my family is working on Christmas Day itself, and though Nin works on the eve, she works close to home, unlike the rest of us. I also decided to take Christmas Eve and Boxing Day off this year, so the long long weekend will be very nice.

And the best thing? We have a freaking oven this year! No having to try and cook a turkey in the BBQ out in the cold like last year.
01 November 2012 @ 07:10 pm
For Anyone That's Still Around  
I was in Phoenix for a few days to visit [ profile] robi_travels - we get together every Octoberish, as it's our 'anniversary', our 10th this year. It was nice getting away, just wish I'd had a few more days. Anyway, didn't look at the internet much at all, except to keep up on the news. I didn't even tweet, or read twitter, except to post a few travel photos. I also have so much TV to catch up on, I'll probably be behind for weeks.

What else? Waiting to see Skyfall - we had Roberta watch the first two in Phoenix, and I think we got her hooked.

Need to get started on my Highlander fic exchange story - I really should have gone with my first instinct and not signed up. Stress and just a feeling of being down has sapped all my creativity.

Several kids last night told us how much they love our decorations and that they come every year to see what we've done! That made me feel good. Nice to know the work is appreciated!

Not sure how much I'll be around in the near future, will see how it goes.
16 October 2012 @ 10:53 pm
Great British Bake Off  
Okay, we love this show, but.... Does Levis have a product placement deal? 2 seasons, and all any of the presenters/judges have worn is jeans. And the presenters, the two women - are they celebrities of some sort in the UK? We're assuming so, but not being natives, we don't know who they are. Also, it's as if they have but three outfits between the two of them that they've shared over the last two series. Surely, the BBC could spring for an actual wardrobe budget for them? Maybe they need to do a crossover between this and What Not To Wear. Just a thought.
03 October 2012 @ 09:35 pm
Nights like this....  
I love Twitter! It's great for debate watching/interacting. I've gotten the hang of tweeting, reading, and listening all at once. Good times.
03 October 2012 @ 09:35 pm
Nights like this....  
I love Twitter! It's great for debate watching/interacting. I've gotten the hang of tweeting, reading, and listening all at once. Good times.
25 July 2012 @ 07:18 pm
I wrote and posted two ficlets over the weekend, if you'd care to take a gander: one - two.

Also, any thoughts on my HL Chronicles story would be appreciated. I'm still torn over which way to go.
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25 July 2012 @ 07:18 pm
I wrote and posted two ficlets over the weekend, if you'd care to take a gander: one - two.

Also, any thoughts on my HL Chronicles story would be appreciated. I'm still torn over which way to go.
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